Sunday, September 27, 2009

What About Sin?

1 John 3 4-10

Dear Abba, Is it sin if I didn't know? If I do sin, doI need to ask for forgiveness? What if I repete this sin again - would I go to hell?

Focus: My Dear Precious Child, I have given you a new nature, placed my holy spirit in you. You can discern sin, you are forgiven, you have victory!

Four reasons why a Christian cannot habitually "practice" sin.

1. Sin is Incompatibile
1 John 3:4, Romans 7:12, 22

2. Sin is Incompatibile
 1 John 3:5-7

3. Sin is
1 John 3:8

4. Sin is Incompatibile
1 John 3:9-10

"A true  believer is not sinless, but God expects His children to sin less!"

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