Sunday, November 27, 2011


Focus: What God put in your heart to do - Investigate!

I. Faith is not a SUBSTITUTE for careful PLANNING; Faith and PLANNING are PARTNERS.
    A. Investigate BEFORE going PUBLIC with your vision
    B. Before ACTIVITY, seek meaningful SOLITUDE

II. Cast your Vision
    A. The Problem
    B. The Solution
    C. The reason something must be done
    D. The reason something must be done now

III. Even when GOD'S HAND moves, there are MANY BATTLES yet ahead!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

From Ruins to Rewards

Focus: A clear vision will move us emotionally, motivationlly, directionally and purposefully.
I. Do you WEEP over any RUINS? Proverbs 25:28

II. How to move from Holy DISSATISFACTION to pure SATISFACTION?

    A. The BIRTH of a Vision

    B. A Vision begins as a CONCERN

    C. A Vision requires PATIENCE and PRAYER
        1. WEEPING, then WORKING

    D. Pray based on God's PURPOSES and PROMISES

    E. Pray for OPPORTUNITIES, not just MIRACLES