Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Day of Surprises

Luke 23
  1. BARABBA'S Surprise
  2. SIMON THE CYRENE'S Surprise
  3. The MOURNING WOMEN'S Surprise
  4. The SOLDIER'S Surprise
  5. One CRIMINAL'S Surprise
  6. The THE WORLD'S Surprise
  7. The OUR Surprise

      Sunday, March 21, 2010

      The Night of Betrayal

      Luke 22

      Focus: Turn back quickly  - He sees you fail and still loves you.

      I. UNINVITED Guests 22:1-30
      A. SATAN 22:3
      B. STRIFE 22:24

      II. The GIFTED are SIFTED 22:31-60

      III. The "STARE" at the end of SELF 22:60-62

      Sunday, March 14, 2010

      Worship and the Mission of the Church

      Focus: My worshiping heart is God's top priority

      I. What is Worship?
      A. To LOVE, HONOR and SERVE God in every aspect of my life
      B. Worship is our PURPOSE

      II. What is our Mission and How do we Achieve it?
      A. Mission: To help OTHERS WORSHIP
      B. How: By EXAMPLE. We must actively PRACTICE WORSHIPING God.

      III. Worshiping God is the TOP PRIORITY of the BIBLE

      IV. Worshiping God Needs to be the TOP PRIORITY of my LIFE

      Sunday, March 7, 2010

      Acceptable Worship

      Hebrews 13

      Focus: At the price of his rejection, Christ purchased our acceptance, so we can worship God acceptably.

      A. How do I offer Acceptable Worship to God?
      Love EACH OTHER
      Extend HOSPITALITY
      Visit PRISONERS
      Guard your SEXUAL PURITY
      Be CONTENT not GREEDY (Philippians 4:11-13)
      Express CONFIDENCE not FEAR

      B. It is about JESUS!
      Be strengthed by and
      Come to the better ALTER
      Bear his  DISGRACE
      Worship THROUGH JESUS
      Do GOOD and SHARE

      C. How PLEASING GOD is possible