Sunday, September 6, 2009

Truth on Trial - Part 4

2 Peter 1:16-21; 3:15-16

Focus: The Bible has survived in a purer form than any other book of antiquity.

I. The Bible is UNIQUE.

II. God's Word has not CHANGED over TIME.

Prosecution: "The Bible is not reliable; all we have are error ridden copies of copies of copies that are centuries removed from the events they describe."

Defense: The reliability of the text should be tested by the same criteria that all historical documents are tested.

Prosecution: "There are more differences in the manuscripts due to errors in copying than there are words in the New Testament."

Defense: The combined manuscript evidence substantiates such accuracy that not one doctrine is affected by any manuscript variance.

III. The Gospels ARE verified by:

Prosecution: "Not one sentence concerning Jesus is actually composed by anyone who had ever met Jesus, the unwilling

Defense: The Gospels were written too early for such fabrication as the prosecution alleges. Both friendly and hostile eyewitnesses were still alive.

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